Wednesday, April 27, 2011

~Deep Breathing~

I dont have much to say today. Just taking a moment to pause and enjoy the excitement and buzz of getting married. I am thrilled every afternoon when I run home and see a new stack of RSVP's that have been mailed in...(its like Christmas). As well as slowly packing to move into what will be Josh and I's very first apartment together. (P.S. I get to start moving in on Sunday!) And everyday at work when I watch the countdown slowly melt away, to see that in only 23 short days, I will marry my best friend.

(on a side note, this week I have needed Josh to keep me grounded on Christ and whats important in life. Today he did just that, and I need to thank you, Joshua, for being the man that God has designed you to be in my life and in our marriage. The man who keeps my feet on the ground and my head above water! You are amazing for what you do everyday to make that happen. I will never be able to thank you, except by just simply being your wife, and knowing thats enough! I LOVE YOU)

For the rest of you soon to be newlyweds out there; Josh reminded me today that "what if" lane leads to "hypothetical-ville" and there is NO God there and especially not our King who is SOVEREIGN all the time! Just thought maybe you would need to hear that today too. (its from a sermon at our church and Josh frequently has to remind me of it.

So that is all. Off I go to continue that slow packing process :)

Oh and did I say....23 more days???

Friday, April 15, 2011

**Bridal Shower**


Thank You Joni and Randee for taking pictures!

A beautiful spread-


Gracious Hosts-

Sweet Friends-

Awesome Gifts!

 ...and a blushing bride

I really hate that last photo, but I think everyone got a kick out of it, and I love Emily's face....and Becca's confusion :)

Also- since I've posted last, we have Joshs ring. We have picked flowers, bought the guest book and other nick nacks and ....FOUND AN APARTMENT!!! :) YAH!

35 DAYS!
(and a Rockies game tonight to boot)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

36 Days

I am quite ashamed that it has been nearly 30 days since I have written. My dear friend Mrs. Emily Shelton, threw me the most beautiful Bridal Shower and I have been meaning to post about it. I want to have lots of pictures but haven't come up with them yet. I will post more soon. For now, thanks for all who came or sent gifts. You all are such a blessing in my life. As Josh and I have started prepraing for the ceremony, I have been reminded of how all of these people in my life have helped mold me into who I am today and who I will be on May 21st. They have been apart of Josh and I's beginnings as we seek to glorify Christ with our lives together. I am so very blessed to be in a place, surrounded by women of great faith, who love me and have supported me! I cant wait to marry the most steadfast and supportive man, who is my closest friend and my deepest worldly love. I know that through seasons of great blessing and great faith, you will all be near to me, continuing to support and encourage. What a blessing that is!

I am praising God already that He will be glorified and already is glorified in our friendships!