Monday, May 16, 2011

Days and Counting

Had a panic stricken moment this morning when I decided that my count must be off. Today should be day 5 not day 4 right? Well technically it becomes 4 days after 3:30pm this afternoon. SO if you dont "count" today then we are at 4 days and counting. Cheating??? NAH!

1 thing is for sure. By the way that my stomach is doing somersaults, we are most certainly down to the one handed count. AHH! I can't believe that the wedding is close enough that I can think about PACKING.... WOW!

This weekend was really productive, unfortunatly the apartment is still in distress. :( At this point, its not a deal breaker. (sorry Jenni and Katherine, I meant to have a clean apartment for the house guests. It may not be) I at least have Wed after work until Thursday at One to make everything spotless :) HAHA wishful thinking? We'll see....

Only 2 more nights at the folks place...bittersweet. AND it must be productive!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I'm just curious if its hypocritical of me to check other blogs daily, eager for new pictures, information, stories and recipies and to be dissapointed when there are none, when I myself dont blog daily. Why yes, yes this is hypocritical. Oops! Please forgive me fellow bloggers!

Meanwhile, we are at the EIGHT day countdown. It is honestly surr-real. Could this finally be happening? Give me the weekend and I think I will feel ready as well! The apartment is livable and Josh has been working at getting settled this week in the midst of his finals. I will move the bulk of my stuff up this weekend (clothes, decor etc). That will leave next week for me to be in a suitcase at my folks place or for Josh to reside on the sole item left in his room at the condo...a mattress. I pick up my dress from the cleaners tomorrow and move in saturday. It will be a busy weekend for the Thimgans! Can't wait to see you all next weekend!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Spendsie Weekend

It is a long standing tradition for the Fab 4 to have sleepovers. We have been staying up "late" to watch our favorite movies and eat junk food since the days when we thought our metabolism would never slow down. In honor of this, before each of us get married we have the grown-up version of sleepovers. SPENDSIE's. (because we're too old to call them slumber parties) We still eat junk food but often do more catching up then movie watching and call it a late night at 8:30 .... It was my turn for Spendsie weekend Saturday. These are the times when we are all especially bummed that one of our dear friends (and my soon to be sister in law) is an out of stater. --Dont worry Jenni, we get to see you soon!--

Sorry there aren't any pictures of us together...or enjoying Estes Park on a Saturday. :( bum-MER! But it was a wonderful evening at the Sheltons and great day together. Special thanks to Jason for giving up the apartment for girls night :)

Wow, blurry pictures :(

Hey look! I do have one of the road trip!

So that was my absolutly WONDERFUL time with some dear friends!
COMING SOON: Pictures of the new apartment!!!

Also...Its officially May and that puts us at 18 days and counting