Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hot Cocoa

Joshua and I watch this show, its called "The Big Bang Theory." I know what you are thinking..."that must be some sinful, scientific show" because that's what I originally thought too. But actually the premise of the show is that 4 nerds (3 doctors and 1 engineer) all work at "the university" conducting research and spend the rest of their time in Sheldon's apartment. The catch is that the girl next door, Penny, is a community college dropout from Nebraska hoping to make it in the movie business and has more charm than wits. Anyhow, check it out, at least one episode, and if your even a little bit nerdy, I think it will make you chuckle. Here is a copy of some dialogue:

Sheldon: I don’t drink coffee.

Howard: All right, you can have a hot chocolate.

Sheldon: As I will not be engaging in this nonsense, my choice of beverage is moot. But for the record, I only drink hot chocolate in months with an R in them.

Howard: Why?

Sheldon: What’s life without whimsy?

And with that, it is officially time for some hot chocolate!