Friday, March 18, 2011

63 Days and Counting!

I cant believe it! Only 2 months left! I have been having a lot of terrible nightmares lately about the wedding gone wrong. Often I find myself walking down the isle when I realize that I have forgot to do my hair or Josh is left decorating the church in a panic because we were not ready and the guests start arriving, or my personal favorite, I forgot to have any pictures taken with Josh.... so hurray for our time at the Drake Center last night. We tasted food, picked our reception menu and talked through reception logistics. All thats left is to work through a timeline with our wonderful coordinator at the Drake Center! This led to a sound nights rest...NO NIGHTMARES!!! WOO HOO :)

And a shout out to Garrett, for graciously accepting the honorary and thankless roll or reception DJ. :)

Today is another milestone! Josh's wedding band was ordered and arrived, today we wiill go give the jeweler the diamonds to be placed into the band. Those diamonds are from a significant ring of my own, I have worn it everyday day of my life since it was given to me by my parents in 2002 as a high school freshman. It is my purity ring, it signifies my promise to God and my parents that my purity is sacred and should be saved for marriage. The ring was originally designed to be given to my husband on my wedding day, and Josh and I have decided to do just that. SO...on May 21st when I put that ring on Josh's finger, I will be giving him one of the only gifts that I have to give :) PRAISE JESUS, may He be glorified again on that day!

Purity Ring :)

Rings together (beautiful!)

LOVE this one

Just for fun!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our relaxing spring getaway ended in 4 inches of snow. This didnt stop us from enjoying St. Louis, Warrenton, my CrAzY family and a few tours along the way. Dont think we have any pictures of the snow :( sorry guys!)...



Cooling ...??? (I dont know, it was a lot of info) 

 Yes, one poor guy was convinced to climb into this tiny hole and poke his head out!

Aging Wine

Beer Tour


Harnesses (they are ornate too)

Our gracious hosts! (THANKS GUYS)

The chandelier, from the worlds fair

Yes, this is a working brewery, but it looks like a museum

OLD buildings...1891

Bottling Building

Bottling line


An architectural wonder!

(josh was very impressed) :)

Walking out of the museum...loved the museum!

da Arch

More water than a Colorado Ag girl could dream of...

AND that was our wonderful relaxing weekend of tours, eating and family! It was marvelous!


Gorgeous spring weather helps me to be excited that summer is really going to come and start getting out of the winter blues funk! I just found a cool new treat on this blog that i want to try...

its ...


Doesnt that look yummy?

You can read more about how to select and eat your dragon fruit HERE! I cant wait to try mine!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wedding Checklist

I have reached a point in the planning process where it is time to evaluate whats left to do!

     CHECK (my amazing and very talented cousin!!!!)

     CHECK (he doesn't know it yet, so i'll ask him before I tell you!) BUT the music is picked!

      THANK YOU Mrs. Shelton!! CHECK


CHECK! (Sorry i got lazy with Photoshop, part of my face is missing...oops)

TUX's ??


NO Josh...I dont have a barcode (:



Still to go...

Pick Flowers
Taste Cake
Josh's Wedding band ...IN PROGRESS
Alterations...IN PROGRESS!


79 more days today! :)