Thursday, June 30, 2011


They are AWESOME!! Here are a (few) of my favorites!

 Jaden's face :)

AND every photo in between :) SOOO THRILLED!

Friday, June 17, 2011

1st Birthday as a married woman update

My husband gave me a coupon for a 1 hour massage and started me on list of clues that have read like this:

1)Happy Birthday Katie Lynn...AFTER WORK you can have the second part of your gift. It is in the center console of... (this was hand delivered with flowers)

2) Since the gift involves a road trip you should remember your glasses :) and since its not after work and you jumped the gun you will have to wait... (oops-he knows me too well)

3) but more accurately since it involves the XX of July, go mark that day off on our calendar at home (no googling this date) (p.s. i left the date out for all you that would go google it yourself!)

 I cant wait until after work for #4!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Honeymoon...

...on the Mexican Riveria Maya, was wonderful! Warm, relaxing and of course spending time with my new Husband. What a great journey this has been. Okay one story before the pictures. Being married is so surreal. Its actually a reality. It has taken adjusting to calling the other our spouse. While we were in Mexico, Josh would need his sunglasses on the beach and I would have them in our bag or he would need sunscreen on his back and I would apply it for him, little things but they still reminded us that we have eachother forever. At each of these moments Josh would look at me and say, "You're awesome, will you marry me?" To which i obviously replied, "Yes honey, I already did." I laugh when I say, I have never been proposed to more than I was on my honeymoon. :)

Just Married-May 21 2011

 (room service YUM)

The Japanese food was wonderful!

Isn't he just adorable! LOVE him



Romantic dinner for two on the beach :)

And then we were home. A little red. A little tired.

And then we smiled :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Thanks Emily for these great pictures from the wedding *sigh* I cant wait to see all of them. Erin said she took LOTS of pictures, and I asked Josh if we could print them all first to decide what we wanted. He quickly did the math and even at $0.28 at WalMart, printing the proofs would be over $200.00. I guess I will have to start the process with the disk. :)

Here are some teasers:

Megan helped with the jewelry (earings borrowed from Grandma O)

Mom put on the veil

 The good 'ole fabulous 4!

And dear Ms. Katherine who is always a bucket of giggles!

The Bachelorette Par-TAY!

I had so much fun at the Bachelorette party in Old Town. After eating at the melting pot...YUM! Emily had a scavenger hunt for me! I had a man sing a love song to me, I made a public proclamation I was getting married, I tried something I wouldn't normally try, I asked a restaurant for chili powder and a couple other crazy things. ENJOY!

A picture in front of my favorite store :)

A picture with each of my friends!

The girls looking for a penny from Josh's birth year... be thrown into a fountain

It was fantastic! Thanks for coming dear friends!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Life has been....

CRAZY since about last month I think. BUT we are stateside and I have jumped headfirst back into work. I'm so glad that we enjoyed a relaxing week laying on the beach or the whirlwind might just have got the better of me. Tuesday was my first day back to work and during my morning commute I thought to myself, "geez, this feels about the same as it did last time." A dear friend (who is getting married THIS weekend) asked what married life was like. I told her, about the same. Its just a warm feeling when you think about it...Oh yah and this guys follows me everywhere :). But seriously, it has been awesome so far. Josh is such a blessing and we both stopped during the honeymoon to praise the Lord that marriage had already strengthened our spriritual walk. God is so good!

A couple of updates. My cousin who doubled as the photographer for the special day is absolutely awesome. You can see a teaser of the wedding pictures here....DGALLERYPHOTOGRAPHY.
     I cannot wait to see the rest of them! She was so great! (AND lives in Nebraska for any of you Nebraskan's look her up for your next family photo shoot!

Our new address is: 1100 Hays Street, Apartment 1. Fort Collins CO 80524

Josh took this week off to take care of a few "house-keeping" items, like getting us insurance and bank accounts and such, and will start work again on Monday.

Thats all for now - until I can get a chance to put up some Mexico pictures ;)

Katie Thimgan :)