Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our relaxing spring getaway ended in 4 inches of snow. This didnt stop us from enjoying St. Louis, Warrenton, my CrAzY family and a few tours along the way. Dont think we have any pictures of the snow :( sorry guys!)...



Cooling ...??? (I dont know, it was a lot of info) 

 Yes, one poor guy was convinced to climb into this tiny hole and poke his head out!

Aging Wine

Beer Tour


Harnesses (they are ornate too)

Our gracious hosts! (THANKS GUYS)

The chandelier, from the worlds fair

Yes, this is a working brewery, but it looks like a museum

OLD buildings...1891

Bottling Building

Bottling line


An architectural wonder!

(josh was very impressed) :)

Walking out of the museum...loved the museum!

da Arch

More water than a Colorado Ag girl could dream of...

AND that was our wonderful relaxing weekend of tours, eating and family! It was marvelous!

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  1. Awesome time!! Cant wait to see Uncle Clem and Aunt Jan at the wedding!