Thursday, April 14, 2011

36 Days

I am quite ashamed that it has been nearly 30 days since I have written. My dear friend Mrs. Emily Shelton, threw me the most beautiful Bridal Shower and I have been meaning to post about it. I want to have lots of pictures but haven't come up with them yet. I will post more soon. For now, thanks for all who came or sent gifts. You all are such a blessing in my life. As Josh and I have started prepraing for the ceremony, I have been reminded of how all of these people in my life have helped mold me into who I am today and who I will be on May 21st. They have been apart of Josh and I's beginnings as we seek to glorify Christ with our lives together. I am so very blessed to be in a place, surrounded by women of great faith, who love me and have supported me! I cant wait to marry the most steadfast and supportive man, who is my closest friend and my deepest worldly love. I know that through seasons of great blessing and great faith, you will all be near to me, continuing to support and encourage. What a blessing that is!

I am praising God already that He will be glorified and already is glorified in our friendships!


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