Friday, June 3, 2011

Life has been....

CRAZY since about last month I think. BUT we are stateside and I have jumped headfirst back into work. I'm so glad that we enjoyed a relaxing week laying on the beach or the whirlwind might just have got the better of me. Tuesday was my first day back to work and during my morning commute I thought to myself, "geez, this feels about the same as it did last time." A dear friend (who is getting married THIS weekend) asked what married life was like. I told her, about the same. Its just a warm feeling when you think about it...Oh yah and this guys follows me everywhere :). But seriously, it has been awesome so far. Josh is such a blessing and we both stopped during the honeymoon to praise the Lord that marriage had already strengthened our spriritual walk. God is so good!

A couple of updates. My cousin who doubled as the photographer for the special day is absolutely awesome. You can see a teaser of the wedding pictures here....DGALLERYPHOTOGRAPHY.
     I cannot wait to see the rest of them! She was so great! (AND lives in Nebraska for any of you Nebraskan's look her up for your next family photo shoot!

Our new address is: 1100 Hays Street, Apartment 1. Fort Collins CO 80524

Josh took this week off to take care of a few "house-keeping" items, like getting us insurance and bank accounts and such, and will start work again on Monday.

Thats all for now - until I can get a chance to put up some Mexico pictures ;)

Katie Thimgan :)

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