Monday, August 22, 2011

its been SO long...

since i have written last. It is truly amazing how time flies. Today marks officially 3 months and 1 day of marriage! WOW! It is also the first day of classes for my darling husband :( (one more day closer to freedom as he calls it) it also marks my fist sick day in almost 4 months. I'll spare you the gory details and just tell you that "i don't feel well" but seriously glad you're there and not here. In between naps today I stumbled upon this website/blog: Where i found THE cutest back to school decor! I will admit that I have education fever these days! A dear friend of mine took a teaching job that began last week and I have been drooling over every word of hers as I think about a classroom of my own someday and the joys of being back into education. I am surprised that I miss it like I do...seriously I was never "ACTUALLY" in it. But I do miss it, I missed school supplies shopping and prepping and the buzz on the first day and pep assemblies OH how I miss pep assemblies! BUT this is where I stop myself! This season in Joshua and I's life is a gift from the Lord. He is teaching us and preparing us for what is to come. I will take great JOY in 1) this is only a season (to which I can see the end) and 2) there are great blessings here! Including 2 stable jobs, vehicles that run but most importantly family near who love us and of course that we are growing closer together everyday!

My prayer in this season is that God will grant me great patience and grace through Joshua's last semester at school and that I will maintain a level of peace at my current job where God is surely to be glorified everyday!

P.S. for our Facebook fans.....we are not currently going to adopt a puppy into our family, but someday we certainly will and for now it is fun to plan. The current favorite is a Standard Schnauzer....

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