Monday, May 2, 2011

Spendsie Weekend

It is a long standing tradition for the Fab 4 to have sleepovers. We have been staying up "late" to watch our favorite movies and eat junk food since the days when we thought our metabolism would never slow down. In honor of this, before each of us get married we have the grown-up version of sleepovers. SPENDSIE's. (because we're too old to call them slumber parties) We still eat junk food but often do more catching up then movie watching and call it a late night at 8:30 .... It was my turn for Spendsie weekend Saturday. These are the times when we are all especially bummed that one of our dear friends (and my soon to be sister in law) is an out of stater. --Dont worry Jenni, we get to see you soon!--

Sorry there aren't any pictures of us together...or enjoying Estes Park on a Saturday. :( bum-MER! But it was a wonderful evening at the Sheltons and great day together. Special thanks to Jason for giving up the apartment for girls night :)

Wow, blurry pictures :(

Hey look! I do have one of the road trip!

So that was my absolutly WONDERFUL time with some dear friends!
COMING SOON: Pictures of the new apartment!!!

Also...Its officially May and that puts us at 18 days and counting

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