Monday, May 16, 2011

Days and Counting

Had a panic stricken moment this morning when I decided that my count must be off. Today should be day 5 not day 4 right? Well technically it becomes 4 days after 3:30pm this afternoon. SO if you dont "count" today then we are at 4 days and counting. Cheating??? NAH!

1 thing is for sure. By the way that my stomach is doing somersaults, we are most certainly down to the one handed count. AHH! I can't believe that the wedding is close enough that I can think about PACKING.... WOW!

This weekend was really productive, unfortunatly the apartment is still in distress. :( At this point, its not a deal breaker. (sorry Jenni and Katherine, I meant to have a clean apartment for the house guests. It may not be) I at least have Wed after work until Thursday at One to make everything spotless :) HAHA wishful thinking? We'll see....

Only 2 more nights at the folks place...bittersweet. AND it must be productive!

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